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    ACCU interactive whiteboard adopt the most advanced infrared-sensor technology which has strong products structure, reliable quality, high stablity and anti-interference. And furthermore, with lots of models, it can provide you a variety of panel materials for choices which will be the best assistant of teaching and conferences.

Interactive applications, Man-machine interaction

It let you get rid of the mouse and fully arouse the passion between speakers and audiences, and creates nice interactive environment to achieve better and easier communication. With these 3 types: control, annotation and handwriting, it can realize the completely operation of computers.

Intelligent penholder lets you easy to learn and use

Designed according to ergonomics, it provides you 3 colors of digital handwriting and brushes, which is convenient and pratical and easy to operate. you can write once you take the pen as it is designed to be fully consistant with the traditional habits of using. And you operate it without learing. It also can recognite your gesture automatically. Single-press means handwriting and multi-press means dragging, they are all confirm with our practical habits.

Quick response and smooth writing

Guaranteed by infrared supper-pipe technology, it has the function of accurate positioning, fast reponse, sensitive operations, high anti-interference ability and stable working environment, and added with advanced algorithm, it ensures you to have a smooth and beautiful handwriting

paperless application with high safety and environmental protection

Write without paper, ink, chalks and any professional tools as it advocate green. without radiation and pollution, this products is really safe and environmental .

open structure and rich resources

adopted with open resources structure, user can add and delete any visible information to ensure all the resources meeting thier demands .

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