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    Combined with wireless RF technology, it lets you move freely in the venue, and annotate or draw at the same time, achieving the aim of fantastic teaching of presentationand short distance between you and students or audiences.

Distance control prevent students from shadows’ influence and protect teacher from harsh lighting .

make you far away from dust of chalks, purify the learning environment and save teachers’ time of text-writing .

Don’t need to hurry up for taking notes, just need to do is pay more attentions to the class to reach the aim of high efficiency of it .

Real-time recording of teachers voices, tone and even postures can be filed for the references of students after class .

Instant annotation and E-textbook can be downloaded for students reviewing .

Other features

  • 1. wireless operation can reach 20m at most
  • 2. interactive application realizes one computer to connect 50pcs RF86 achieving the purpose of multiplayer real-time interactive discussion
  • 3.simple operation, hot key flip and Shuttle-style volume adjustment
  • 4. with the function of Lithium battery charging and LCD panel display status
  • 5. non-visual wireless receiver, which is easy to carry and difficult to lost
  • 6. all drawing software on it can be used for professional graphics, and it shows its profession when bundled with pressure wireless tablet-pen which is precise, light weight and flexible
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